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Today, some of the most renowned brands in the world have spectacularly gone bust or wiped from existence1 while others are losing sales and shutting down2 their stores. Meanwhile social media influencers, creators and individual entrepreneurs are making fortunes and building empires3,4. Have you wondered why? Because the latter know how to jazz with their customers.


Today, the world is turning into a global village. People’s attention is the most valued asset. And your authenticity attracts your tribe and turns you in to your own brand and your own niche. In this changing landscape we bring to you the skills required to build an empire with warmth and intimacy of a farmer’s market.


Today, your customers determine what and who they buy from. They buy from brands that share their values and passions. Let your customers tell you what they wanna buy and you won’t spend a penny on sales. The old maxim “Sell People What They Want To Buy!” has never been more true.

Markets are being democratised but do you have the right tools to capitalise on that?


We desire nothing less than a global transformation. But what that transformation looks like to you is unique to you and we are counting on that. Our goal is to help 8000 people “crush it” in their life through the power of social media, personal brand and entrepreneurship. That’s what our social media, books, courses, coaching programs and DFY services are designed to do.

And if each one of those 8000 people were to help just 10 people over the course of their lives and those were to help 10 more and so on then in just 6 iterations we would have touched lives of 8 billion people that is the entire population of the world. This is the new version of “love thy neighbour”.


All love begins as self love but most people ignore the latter part of the verse “Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself” but we say love thy self first. Figure out what brings you joy in life, what is your true calling, explore who your true self and then embrace and love thyself unconditionally.

TCV stands where Self-Actualisation meets business Excellence. Let’s discover your creative voice!

The whole oak is already hidden in the acorn. In the same way your vocation is already hidden in you but it requires introspection and nurturing to bring it out.


“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”

― Steve Jobs

As said before, your authenticity attracts your tribe. Find something that you really really love and care about and you’ll never work a day in life. The essential principle of business is to figure out a way in which you get paid for playing. That’s the secret of success. People give a damn about other people who really care about something.


What use is being so undeniable good at your craft if nobody knows you exist? And that is where marketing comes in. We help you meet the right people who would appreciate you for who you are and make them care about you.

Anything you want in life you can have it if only people cared hard enough! You wanna sell products, done, get them to donate to your favourite charity, done, run for the president, done. All victory is yours if only you could make people care!

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“I really really want The Creative Voice @TCV⁩ involved in all my Brand’s birth, growth and storytelling 💯 … dude you build brands and websites, most people think you do it in-between Netflix and video games but that’s cos you make it look easy… I was blown away on seeing your work!”

S Adams, Founder,
Quite Simple Company

“Working with Krupal is wonderful. In times when the world seems to go faster, he makes you slow down to take your time and really go deep into the project he is helping you to develop. I couldn’t receive more personalized sessions”

Carlota Cabeza, Founder
   Inspira creación de contenidos

“You have the thing most businesses need, which is problem solving … What I like is your forensic approach: problem is reported, test whether it’s real, identify likely causes, fix them. And do so In the middle of the client’s night!”

Michael Stark, Chairman,
Morgan’s walk management limited

“Krupal is not only a great designer and a great person, he is this kind of magic genie who coaches you in life as you build your website. It is really quite something to witness his valuable skill and attitude towards the growing of your business. Thanks Krupal”

Laura Silva, Founder
   Cine Vagabundo (The wandering Cinema)

Meet Our Team

The whole is much more than the sum of it’s part. Meet The people that make TCV!

Krupal Vithlani

co-Founder, ceo, SPiritual entertainer, Coach and FUll-time artist

Engineer and Designer by trade Krupal is well versed in branding, marketing, psychology, storytelling, poetry, creative writing, spirituality, entrepreneurship, Shodo and Martial Arts just to name a few. He is the most influential individual one could ever meet. A modest looking fella who takes you by surprise, at one moment you’re exchanging pleasantries with him and at the next you are having one of the deepest conversation of your life. Individuals have claimed their lives being changed for better by just casually talking to Krupal.

Jen Sikes

co-Founder, Business Coach and Brand experience designer

Former Ballerina, Yoga teacher’s teacher, pilates expert, massage therapist, mom of 3 and entrepreneur for over 25 years Jen is a power-house of ideas, innovation, inspiration and pragmatic solutions. She has been leveraging the power of personal branding and social media since before Gary Vee’s first book ‘Crush it’. An expert at communicating brand values, crafting brand experiences, predicting trends and capitalising on them for the greater good Jen’s the Brand experience designer one couldn’t live without. She also runs a foundation to help people survive and escape abuse and coercive control in order to thrive called Thrive Purple Heart.

Ana Jankovic

Partner and Director of User experience & DEsign

Born and Raised in Europe Ana is the head of our Paris division. Her natural gift for spontaneously connecting with people, her education in Design and her interests in psychology, sales, spirituality and entrepreneurship makes her a truly exceptional Designer and Leader. Her vivaciousness, friendliness and humility make her instantly relatable to our clients. After training under renowned British Designer Antony Conboy (who has deigned for Vogue, GQ, Ferrari, wired etc) and then being personally recruited and mentored by Krupal for over 3 years, Ana has become unquestionably a Master of Design in her own right.

Débora Annize

Partner ANd Director of Social Media Marketing, brand voice & tone

With a Masters degree in Linguistics, Teaching Certification from the Cambridge University and recommendations from professors at Harvard, Debora is one of the most compassionate human beings one could ever have the pleasure of meeting. Her humility and work ethic is only surpassed by her care for others; the strangers she meets in her life and the people she works with alike. Since the beginning of her career in 2015-2016 she has been involved with social media marketing, content writing & creation, e-commerce etc. making her career in the field lasting longer than many of the social platforms themselves. This makes her the True Expert.


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