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Entrepreneurship: The Art and Science of disrupting the Status Quo

You’ll learn how to build and run a sustainable & profitable business around your idea.

Topics Covered:

  • Entrepreneurial motivation
  • Debunking Innovation Myths
  • Management Myths to Avoid
  • Customer Pains & Gains
  • From Problems to Business
  • Value and Business Model
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Fundamentals of Finance
  • Tools and Models

The Tech-savvy Entrepreneur

Does Technology baffle you? Do you feel like pulling your hair each time you have to use a computer? It baffles us all, but we’ll help you navigate through that discomfort until it becomes practically effortless.

You’ll learn: 

— Using Technology to create more time for the things and people you love, scale your teaching business by working fewer hours, and leave a legacy.

— Learn all the Web and IT jargon and terminologies you need to know but probably don’t.

— How Good Design helps you gain trust, position yourself as an industry expert, sell more, and leave a legacy.

The Abundant Entrepreneur

If you are someone who struggles with Sales and can’t answer one or more of the following questions then this program is exactly what you need and by the end you’ll be able to answer all to these with absolute clarity:

1. Who are your target clients?
2. What are they looking for?
3. Where and when do they look for you?
4. Why should they choose you?
5. How do you want them to engage with you?
6. Why don’t you have more of them?
7. How to help your clients achieve their dream life?
8. How to sell more and create abundance for yourself and your family?

Bonus Resources

The Business Catalyst

When it comes to starting and growing an online business the amount of information that’s is overwhelming. There’s so much noise and everyone claims to be an expert. However, the information we get is often conflicting if not downright contradictory.

So we thought if we could provide people with a structured step-by-step plan and printable templates for each step of starting a business, that would be an excellent service to the future generation of online entrepreneurs. And this program that you see here is the result of that thought.

We are giving away the entire 7-figure online business blueprint with a step-by-step plan and printable templates, a course valued at over $3000 for completely free.


What made Tesla such a huge success?

It’s not what you think!

It’s easy to attribute Tesla’s success to tangible factors such as its car design, battery and motor technology, engineering etc.

But what if I told you that the key to Tesla’s success is more subtle than you think? The secret lies in the marketing genius of it’s founder Elon Musk…